Whitepaper ICO Translations and Scams

ICO Languages

There are many different nations that buy into ICO’s and not everyone reads and writes English.

In order to get your whitepaper translated can be costly and therefore often overlooked by ICO’s. However if you run a bounty program you can get people to help you translate your documents into many languages.

Key languages would be Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Thai, Arabic as these languages cover much of the global market that could be interested in your ICO. Even though these languages  may not cover their mother tongue most buyers can read one of these languages.

Multi-Lingual social media management

The question of whether or not you can manage multi-lingual social media is much more difficult and it is probably not a good idea to run to many social media languages.

The other thing about social media is it is often plagued by scammers who will try to scam people with false wallet details and try to get individuals to send their crypto to the wrong wallet.

This happens around the time of the ICO and there is an attack on the social media channels to try to con people.