Crypto Currency and ICO Legislation in Asia

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.11.36 PMIDC did a good infographic around the legislation in Asia for ICO’s and crypto currencies.

Legal ICO markets

There are three main ICO jurisdictions that are seemingly legal to do an ICO in Asia and those are Singapore, Japan and the Philippines. Out of the three Singapore has the most traction.

Grey Area ICO markets

Countries that have still yet to declare their positions formally on ICO’s are India, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Banned ICO markets

Countries that have come outright to ban ICO’s are Vietnam, China, Indonesia (by the fact that they have banned crypto currencies).

Summary of ICO in Asia

In summary the Asian governments have taken a cautionary approach to ICO’s and digital currencies in general. We can expect that over the coming year there will be more legislation and news from different markets based on their perceived need and the individual jurisdictions requirements (threats) around crypto currencies and ICO’s.