Types of people in ICO’s


There are many different types of people in the ICO world but because this in many ways is a fringe ecosystem it is has many different dynamics than traditional business or startup environments that are more mature.

Early Tech geeks 

There are a set of early tech guys/girls who bought in early into Bitcoin and the ICO world. They are traditionally coders and tech guys who have spear headed the ICO environment and rightly should take credit for the current ICO ecosystem. Usually these

Tech guy doing an ICO  

There are pure tech guys who are building technical solutions that often deal with core blockchain technology ecosystem developments such as storage, databases, identity etc. These are often the most appreciated ICO’s in the market.

Business guy doing an ICO

There are many business guys who don’t know anything about blockchain however they have heard that an ICO is a great way to raise capital. The business guys are looking for experts to help them do an ICO.


ICO’s are like IPO’s and have ambiguity around the legalities of whether or not the proposed ICO token is a security. They also help with how and where the tokens should be launched and hosted as a trust, foundation, business etc.

Token Exchanges 

Token exchanges are the new stock exchanges and at the ICO networking events etc. These exchanges are looking for new deals and finding buyers for their networks.


Government representatives often come to conferences and networking events in order to understand the new technology.


There are guys on the fringes of the ICO market that often try to support ICO’s, OTC and other services around the ICO ecosystem.

ICO Promoters

 There are many promoters that help businesses do ICO’s. They work as agents and find

Institutional employees

There are also lots of employees from corporate organisations that are looking at blockchain initiatives and some are trying to understand the opportunities for their businesses and possibly themselves.