Bluzelle an example of leaving money on the table (expect a surge in price)

Bluzella ICO

Disclaimer: we did not get to own any Bluezelle tokens (BLZ) however we are friendly with Pavel (CEO of Bluezelle) and unfortunately our cheque size was not big enough to get into their PreICO round by the time we offered cash.

Today we found out that Bluzelle (BLZ) have closed their ICO.

Bluzelle has an amazing list of investors and advisors. They are taking on the challenge of putting a database on the blockchain. This is going to be an important building block to future projects on the blockchain.

The developers are seemingly being conservative with their cash grab and have limited their fundraise to a sober $19.5 million hard cap. The 7,471 potential investors who got through their KYC process (which closed a week before the ICO) are limited to less than 1 ETH each (0.9397 ETH for the 421 investors in “Group 1,” 0.4698 ETH for the 7,051 in “Group 2,” according to Bluzelle’s Jan. 16 Telegram post).

The next phase around actually building the project will now start in earnest and we hope that some of our future projects can use this database service.

Blockchain software languages and blockchain developers

blockchain software

Building a blockchain project may seem like you only need blockchain developers. While it is true that you need blockchain developers for your project it will also need other infrastructure such as a website, design, mobile applications, email, hosting, backup, databases, api’s, security etc.

Currently the market conditions around finding blockchain developers are such that there are not enough blockchain developers to support the demand and this is making hiring full time blockchain developers unaffordable for many projects.

One option could be to build all the infrastructure for the project and have the blockchain specific components outsourced and accessed through an API or have the team work with your developers to help put the code together.

What most ICO projects need is DAPPS

DAPPS is an acronym for: Dated, Achievable, Personal, Positive and Specific. The idea around a Dapps network is that there is no central server and rather a program that lives on top of the network.

An ICO smart tokens is a Dapp and most ICO’s are built on top of Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum has its own programming language which is called Solidity which allows developers to write smart contracts. Inside this language is compiler which is built in javascript.

Core Blockchain Developer Languages

Each blockchain core has been built in different languages for example:

  • BitCoin Core: C++ and Java
  • Ethereum: Go (Multiple ports that support other languages but GO is the most advanced)

Cryptography BlockChain development

The core of blockchain technology is cryptography which is the link between the list of records called ‘blocks’ hence the name blockchain. Much of the contentious forking of coins comes from the way that the cryptography is being changed and whether or not the ‘coins’ owners are happy to move to the new system or not.

For more info check out the info on blockchain info on wikipedia.