2018 ICO & Crypto Predictions

2018 Crypto predictions

In 2018 we predict that there will be a number of trends ICO’s:

  1. More real companies that have significant traction (users, revenues, etc.) will do ICO’s
  2. ICO’s will move to central hubs versus the current distributed individually run events
  3. The media will call the ICO market as a bubble and about to die every day even as the ICO market matures and becomes more robust

The bigger prediction that most people are not talking about is that token issuances that are securities will dwarf utility tokens. This will be driven by non tech token generating events “TGE’s” in traditional fund sectors. This will become possible through the establishment of more regulated exchanges that have government issued licenses and make it possible for people to trade tokens as securities legally.

Miscellaneous predictions such as con artists, fake ICO’s and law enforcement coming into the picture with arrests etc. will happen however this was already starting to happen in 2017. The scale around this will be a lot faster than people realise and the critics will point to ICO’s being scams.

Enjoy 2018!

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