ICO Communities around the world


Source: http://tomtunguz.com/ico-trends/

There are a number of active ICO communities around the world that support and establish ICO projects. We will highlight some of the top communities in this article.

Singapore ICO

Regulatory Framework

Singapore MAS has said it would not regulate utility token ICO’s. This means that currently there is no reason you won’t be able to launch an ICO from Singapore.


One of the most interesting ICO communities in the world. Vitalik Buterin the founder of Ethereum is based in Singapore and actively supports the community through events etc. The Singapore startup ecosystem is also strong and has many events and organisations that support starting new business which makes it attractive for ICO’s.

Switzerland ICO

Regulatory Framework

The Swiss don’t have ICO regulations but if your token is a utility token are considered to be acceptable. Most of the ICO’s are run as foundations out of Zug which is also called “Crypto Valley”.


There are a number of experienced ICO practitioners in Switzerland due to the fact that a number of successful ICO’s have already happened in Switzerland. Switzerland is considered to be safe and stable environment that attracts capital. Ethereum foundation is also based in Zug and this means that there is a huge precedent for the Swiss ICO market.

Traditionally Switzerland is an offshore banking haven and this means that their are many wealth managers and high net worth individuals in the market.

Korea ICO

Regulatory Framework

Currently Korea government has banned a ICO’s.


There is a strong cryptocurrency community in Korea and they are large buyers of Bitcoin. This could be due to some of the regional security issues with North Korea. This community is still interested in the ICO listings and environment which will surely come back again once regulations are brought in by the government.

China ICO

Regulatory Framework

Chinese government has banned ICO’s and crypto currencies. This is expected to change in the near to medium term.


China was the hottest ICO market up until the ICO ban in September 2017. The market is expected to open up again in the short to medium term and a number of Chinese companies are actively working in the background to prepare for these changes. As an example one of the biggest ICO Venture Capitalists Fenbushi is based in China.

Japan ICO

Regulatory Framework

The Japanese government has issued licenses to 11 Japanese exchanges for crypto currencies.  This does not necessarily govern ICO’s but the future of crypto looks bright in Japan.


The community is a bit insular and this is partly due to language barriers that Japanese insular culture. However due to regulations that have made crypto currencies legal there are a large number of crypto currencies holders.


Regulatory Framework

The US have not banned ICO’s but have warned against tokens that could be considered to be securities. Since the Howey Test could be quite wide the  risk is considered to be fairly high due to the fine line many ICO’s run.


Some of the biggest ICO’s in the world have come from the US. The US market is the historical incumbent in the tech market and one of the great capital markets in the world. Silicon Valley has started to react to ICO’s with some leading investors in ICO’s coming from traditional venture capital.

Gibraltar ICO

Regulatory Framework

Gibraltar has a licensed token market at https://gbx.gi/ that will be one of the first licensed and regulated token markets.


The Gibraltar community is small, however due to the regulatory environment is expected to grow dramatically.

Australia ICO

Regulatory Framework

Australia government has said that ICO’s are regulated by existing financial regulations. To find out more see: http://asic.gov.au/regulatory-resources/digital-transformation/initial-coin-offerings/


The Australian market has a strong investor appetite for smaller equity offerings based on the superannuation funds that are part of the Australian regulations. This makes raising money for ICO’s from Australia attractive.

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