Digital Marketing for your ICO

ico communityHaving come from a digital marketing background it would be easy to assume that ICO marketing would be similar to that of other digital marketing campaigns.

However as ICO buyers are not consumers and are not traditional investors the idea that you can run search pay per click ads or banner ads and be successful with your ICO is inherently misguided.

First you need to understand where token buyers go and seek opportunities and how they evaluate the token offerings. Once you understand this you can then formulate your ICO marketing strategies.

Many ICO token buyers will have their favourite forums and news websites that they get information from for their ICO’s

  1. ICO Forums
  2. Reddit
  3. ICO listing sites
  4. ICO news sites
  5. Youtube ICO channels
  6. Social media influencers
  7. Email newsletters
  8. Friends
  9. Events
  10. Traditional PR
  11. Social media advertising
  12. Video advertising

ICO Bounty Program

An often overlooked way to create interest in your ICO is through a bounty program. This involves giving tokens in your ICO for your community to help, translate your white paper, promote the offering in their social media and invite friends into the offering through token discounts.

Community Development

The primary objective of your marketing should be to develop community support around your project. This takes time and therefore the earlier you start the better off your ICO will do. Community development will take time and expect to give a lot before any significant momentum is developed. This will take time and is not easy to do therefore being resourced well and having expertise and good people around you will be vital to the success of the project.

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