Building links and SEO for your ICO

SEO ICOOften overlooked by people doing ICO’s is the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and creating a reputation in the online world through links and SEO.

The benefits of free traffic to your website through organic search cannot be undervalued. As a online marketing professional  with more than a decade of experience I can honestly say that the purest form of traffic is organic search traffic. This online visitor has found your site through a search query and is interested in your material, has intent and was effectively “free” to acquire.

The reason we use “free” is that nothing is truly free, you need to put a lot of work into getting your website ranked highly on search engines.

Lets go into what it takes and how to do it:

  1. Create interesting rich written content and add relevant pictures that describe this content
  2. Make sure that the technical aspects of the content are correct, H1 tags, meta tags, url’s etc. (see more information by searching for “onsite SEO techniques”).
  3. Create links to this content on social media (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, Instagram, WeChat etc.)
  4. Write blog posts for other platforms and get yourself linked back
  5. Create pages in crypto currency forums for your ICO and link to your pages
  6. List ICO on upcoming ICO link pages

Rinse and repeat and create valuable content that readers want to share with friends and colleagues. Be patient and wait for Google and other search engines to reward you.

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