Japan Crypto Currency markets

Japan crypto market places

On the 29 September 2017 Japan Financial Services Authority gave licenses to 11 companies to run cryptocurrency exchanges.

The exchanges that go the licenses are:

This is making many people question whether or not Japan will be the next ICO boom market.

Currently the licenses allow these markets to trade the following digital currencies:

BCH – Bitcoin Cash
BCY – Bitcrystal
BTC – Bitcoin
CICC – Caica Coin
ETC – Classic Ether
ETH – Ether
FSCC – Fisco Coin
LTC – Litecoin
MONA – Monacoin
PEPECASH – Pepe Cash
SJCX – Storjcoin X
XCP – Counterparty
XEM – Nem
XRP – Ripple
ZAIF – Zaif
ZEN – ZenCash

Not every exchange can trade in all the currencies, however this is a very interesting and positive step for the Japanese crypto currency market places.


Source: https://www.techinasia.com/japan-approved-crypto-exchanges


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