Importance of ICO Video’s and how to develop them

ICO videoContent around your ICO is really important and having video allows you to interact with video sites, social media and your website.

There are a number of different factors in videos. Video length, video quality and video content. These factors influence cost and the channels you want to push the content into.

Video’s can be created in 3 ways:

  • Professional content

Creating professional content around your ICO makes your presentation more professional. This costs more money as you would use a video production company/professional and looks impressive to the general public. However this video might not resonate as much with the crypto currency community, where authenticity and frequency matter.

  • Social Media video

Creating streaming content on a platform like Facebook can be cheap/free, authentic and a good way to create QA content or ICO update announcements. The team has to be comfortable with being open, unpolished and ready to make mistakes. This however can be a good way to connect with the community and make regular content.

  • Presentations video

An often overlooked video creation is to create videos with your ICO decks. These can be a good way to pitch to the community and add more content for your public to view. There are also other channels for this content such as (part of Linkedin).

Videos can be reposted into your social media channels and be a good way to interact with the community you should be developing.

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