Where to get your PR for your ICO onto Crypto Currency News sites

Getting your ICO published on ICO websites for free can happen but from our experience this takes buying media. The question is where do you do this:

https://www.coindesk.com English
https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com English
https://cointelegraph.com/tags/ico English
https://hacked.com/ico/ English
https://news.bitcoin.com/ English
https://www.coinstaker.com/ English
https://themerkle.com/category/news/crypto/ English
https://steemit.com/trending/crypto-news English
https://bitcoinmagazine.com/ English
http://www.bitcoininsider.org/ English
http://www.the-blockchain.com/ English
http://icocrowd.com/ English
https://coins.best/ English
https://icomagazine.com English
co-x.ru Russian
https://bits.media/ Russian
https://ethclassic.ru Russian
https://bcs-express.ru/ Russian
https://cryptocurrency.tech/ Russian
https://bit.news/ Russian
http://bitcoinist.com English

Try to get onto all these sites. Through your PR release, opinion pieces and news.

ICO news

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