ICO investorsThere are a number of funds that work in the ICO crypto funds.

Not all the funds will invest in the PreICO or the actual ICO’s on day one but its always good to understand the funding landscape.

Here are a few public ICO investors:

http://polychain.capital USA
https://panteracapital.com USA
https://kenetic.capital/contactus/#startupcontact HK
https://www.fbg.capital China
http://www.mediciventures.com USA
http://dcg.co USA
https://grayscale.co USA
http://www.1confirmation.com USA
https://www.coinstreet.limited/about-coinstreet BERMUDA
http://metastablecapital.com USA
https://thetoken.io Russia
http://exagonfund.com USA
https://ethercapital.com China
http://www.soliduscapital.io Mexico
http://www.globaladvisors.co.uk UK
https://hyperchain.capital SG
https://cryptofundag.ch/en/ Switzerland
https://multicoin.capital/about USA
https://www.blocktower.com USA
https://base58.capital Switzerland
http://bitfin.co USA
http://bitcoinsreserve.com/ Australia
http://binaryfin.com/ USA
http://blockchain.capital/ USA

If you are an ICO fund and would like to be listed here please contact us.

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