Buying paid advertising for ICO’s (Good/Bad)?

Lets start off by saying that buying some exposure for your ICO is not a bad idea but where and how you do this advertising is important.

First lets go into where you would should look to spend money on your ICO:

  1. Listing on ICO upcoming websites
  2. Youtube ICO influencers
  3. ICO news sites
  4. ICO email lists

These channels are not necessarily bad as they are directed at the community of ICO enthusiasts and will not illicit pump and dump tactics as this community is discerning and can go into your ICO by looking at your white paper objectively, your token code, your Github and your teams backgrounds.

What comes across as desperate, spammy, a pump and dump kinds of ICO’s is that of teams promoting heavily on paid advertising. These are usually paid advertising channels on Google, Facebook, Youtube or other advertising networks.

Often these advertising on these channels will be misleading, prey on buyers FOMO (fear of missing out) and try to get token buyers to believe in their legitimacy by putting in legitimate channels or PR references in their video’s and advertising to gain trust.

Many of these businesses are trying to skip the crypto currency community. The crypto currency community takes a long time to build trust. This community requires spending time and giving value back. The alternative is to spending marketing money on a slick advertising campaign that can lure punters into their offering with the promise of get quick returns.

For the record we do not advocate spending to much money on advertising but rather take time to build your network and trust in the community. Find ways to give back and then towards the start of your ICO spend some money to get extra coverage based off an already strong supportive community.


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