How to do PreICO sales

High NetworthThe PreICO sales of any ICO is really important. It is also a lot more like traditional equity investing sales with 1 on 1 interaction with buyers and traditional pitch decks. Many people tend to want to overlook this part of an ICO and believe if they can create enough PR hype then investors will come to them. This unfortunately does not happen in most cases.

Many tech people are not comfortable doing direct sales, which is largely about story telling and networking to find interested buyers. In most cases tech people are not charismatic or extroverted and prefer to work diligently on their code vs presentation skills and therefore struggle with the PreICO sales process.

Building an all round team makes a lot of sense over just because you plan to do a token sale does not make it okay to overlook the extroverts and sales guys.

Finding the large token buyers

Finding larger token buyers can usually be done by going through brokers, however if you have a good network of friends they can also make introductions to high net worth individuals.

Traditional venture investors could also invest in token offerings as seen in Filecoin or Omisego but this is unusual and not often seen in most ICO’s. Usually your ICO will only get this kind of funding if it has already received venture investment and will be supported by existing community of traditional venture investors.

All investing requires a lot of consensus building and this is why the seed round of investing even before the PreICO can be really important in getting the money for the PreICO.

The idea that large investors will come knocking on your door when you announce your ICO. This is unlikely to happen as investors want personal time and have their questions and any issues addressed.


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