PR around ICO’s


Getting PR around ICO’s comes down to the story.

Press love a story so you need to craft one for them.

This could be based around the problem your product is solving, the team, founder or advisors who are involved or the fact that you are doing something new.

In the ICO world there are two types of PR, traditional media and crypto currency media. The traditional media seems important but since not many of the buyers of crypto ICO’s in the traditional media readership. The credibility from this media can help in generating interest in the crypto media and this does have value.

Getting media attention from the crypto currency media is much harder and often requires paid for inclusion.

The other way to get media attention is to blog and create value content or be contraversial in the content that you produce.  If you write the content on medium there are also viral effects with the content.

Another avenue to get PR attention from is startup tech media if you can connect this back to venture capital.

Overall PR is important but building community and content is the important backbone to your public ICO marketing efforts. This takes time and it is very hard and expensive to buy your way to success.



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