ICO Advisors who do you need?

ICO advisors

One of the things that is fairly unique to ICO’s is the need to have advisors for your ICO.

The reason that advisors are so important is that there is a lack of knowledge in the community around ICO’s and blockchain technology.

Advisors generally fall into two categories, tech advisors and business advisors which are published in the website and white paper. There is also a third group of advisors that work in the background and usually focus on fund raising and preparing the ICO.

The technical advisors are highly prized for tech projects that are still planning to build their projects. These are some of the biggest ICO’s as they often deal with core blockchain problems and are seen as core to the ecosystem.

The business advisors are traditionally used to bring credibility to the project and also help with pre-ico fund raising for their connections to buyers of ICO’s.

The fund raising advisors are more like traditional brokers, they often bring marketing support and investment banking expertise with them.  They often also advise the business on legal structures, white papers, media buying and community building.

Fees around advisors vary widely based on experience, project type and other fees like cash disbursements.

It is traditionally advisable to have at least 1 or 2 technical advisors on your team and some business help around the Pre-ICO fund raising.

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