The Anatomy of an ICO

What goes into an ICO this seems so forward but in actual fact its a lot more complicated than it looks.

The truth is that do form a successful ICO it takes months of work and a lot of luck, not to mention a good idea. Its also easy to overlook parts of the ICO process like focusing to much on the tech vs the business side of things.

Lets go through the basic things you need for an ICO:

  1. Advisors
  2. ICO White paper
  3. S&P agreements
  4. Bounty program
  5. Token source code
  6. Legal structuring
  7. Community development on forums
  8. PR media relations
  9. PreICO sales
  10. ICO website
  11. Social media management
  12. Paid marketing
  13. Multi-signature digital wallets
  14. KYC & AML
  15. Token issuance

The list could go on around various things other things like regulatory approval etc.

We know this is a lot to take in and because of this believe that having the right funding in place, advisors, legal, tech and marketing strategies is really important.

This is why we are doing Blocks Ventures and are looking to find businesses that have traction, a real reason for a block chain token and the tenacity to see it through.

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